Portraits by
Arlene  Green 
People, Pets and Places
about the artist
     Arlene studied art at Southern Illinois University, then extended her training in workshops under nationally known artist Roscoe Misselhorn who encouraged her to go professional. While honing her skills and accepting commissions, she also taught workshops through SIU for many years.  During this time her work was being exhibited in national juried art shows.  Another springboard to further recognition was her personal appearances at special events where she demonstrated her on-the-spot portraits in public.  Then, as the opportunity arose, Arlene's expertise was enhanced by the hands-on training workshop offered by the highly acclaimed artist, Daniel Greene.  She now turned her full attention to creating commissioned portraits in her studio in Sparta, Illinois.

     For many years Arlene was a member of the St. Louis Art Guild, the Southern Illinois Art Association and a charter member of the Misselhorn Foundation and Art Gallery in Sparta.

     Arlene's work is seen in private and public collections throughout the country.  She now resides and works in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Self Portrait of Arlene